Autofurnish Compact Tablet Concentrate Vehicle Glass Cleaner

Get 50% Discount On Autofurnish Glass Cleaner At Flipkart. Autofurnish Windshield Glass Washer Cleaner Compact Tablets. Super-concentrated, one table makes up to 4 Liters of cleaner. Especially formulated to completely remove road film, dirt, bugs and grime leaving windshields sparkling clean. Non-toxic, biodegradable and engineered safe for rubber and paint. Each super-concentrated tablet effervesces in plain water, fizzing and bubbling until completely dissolved, leaving the reservoir filled with beautifully blue, best quality windshield washer cleaner. May also be added to ""anti-freeze"" type premixes to provide the strong cleaning power most premixes lack. Just drop in reservoir. Each tablet makes up to four liters of cleaner. Save with 2-tablet cards.
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