Better Chef 97077737M 4 Slice Toaster Oven Black

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Item # 00835375000 Model # 97077737M

4 Slices
3 Heating Functions
60 Minute Timer

Ready for Serving
Bake your favorite small breakfast, lunch and dinner items to perfection with this Better Chef toaster oven.
Youll be able to fit up to 4 slices of toast or a small 8" pizza inside and, with 3 heating functions, cook it to
your liking.
Check in on it through the glass window and take it out when its ready for the plate.

A 9L capacity fits up to 4 slices of toast or an 8" pizza
3 heating functions: toast, stay on, temperature
A 60-minute timer lets you perfectly cook your food
A ready bell notifies you when time is up
Slide-out grill rack for easy access
Comes with a bake tray
A sliding crumb tray for easy cleaning

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