Electrolux EL7020A-R 1400W Eureka Oxygen Home Cleaning System Red

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Rid your home of harmful airborne particles with the Electrolux home cleaning system.
With a nearly inaudible, powerful motor and easy-to-use controls, the cleaning system leaves all the nooks and corners of your house visibly free of dust and dirt.
The bare floor brush gently dislodges grime and dirt from wood and tiles, making interior surfaces look as good as new.

The Electrolux 6992A home cleaning system features a sealed HEPA filtration system to zap indoor allergens and pollutants
The motorized power nozzle functions with a silent, variable-speed 1400W motor and an 23 cord
With an electronic speed control for easy operation
This vacuum comes with a deluxe bare floor brush
A convenient on-board tool caddy system lets you reach every corner

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