Fermentation Starter Kit Ohio Stoneware 1206 2gal 3pc

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All about helping you preserve probiotic-rich food, this Ohio Stoneware 3pc.
set takes you back to the time-tested way of pickling, brining and curing
The wide mouth of the crock lets you easily fill the container with minimal wastage of ingredients
Use the weights included to firmly pack down the various food elements
The lead-free glaze doesnt seep into the contents and makes cleaning hassle-free
You can even rinse the crock in the dishwasher with ease

Bring out your grandmas cookbooks or look up family recipes for pickles, home-cured meats,
relish and even sauerkraut as you add this Ohio Stoneware 2gal fermentation kit to your collection of culinary gear.
Designed with an extra wide mouth, the crock can hold your choice of vegetables
and spices while you add the semi-circular weights to aid the preservation process

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