GE ENERGY STAR Front Load Electric Dryer with Steam Color Diamond Gray

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Dry your clothes to your specifications and on your schedule. Can handle small to bulky loads with ease.
And, if you just need to spruce us clothes that you only wore for a little while, pop them into the dryer and select
the steam option.
Steam Refresh - Rejuvenate lightly worn clothes by getting rid of wrinkles and odors with this convenient setting using
the power of steam
Steam Dewrinkle - Stored or wrinkled clothes come out wrinkle-free with this helpful setting that uses steam to
refresh and dry a load of any size
HE Sensor Dry - Takes the guesswork out of drying times by sensing the moisture in the drum and drying accordingly
Stainless steel drum - Resists rust and helps protect clothes
Quick Dry - Quickly dries items and small loads for families on the go
Sanitize cycle - This option reduces certain types of bacteria by 99.8%

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