Gonex Packing Cubes Travel Packing Organizers Luggage Compression Bags Pouches 9 Colors Choices

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1. Zipper closure
2.Made from soft and smooth feeling nylon
3.High quality material: It is expandable and strong intensity with well tearing
-resistance, waterproof, and dirt-bearing performance.
4.Different capacity of three size at unfolded condition: large size: 5.9L middle size: 3.8L small size: 1.9L
5.Multiple usages: can be used to store all your travel needed clothing by compressing
them into a small size for easy carrying. It can also store your living goods in system like
toilet requisites, etc.
Easy to Store Your Clothes
It will be easier to store your clothes if you roll them. Then fill them before compression,
and zip up the compression zipper.
If you do not want to zip up the compression zipper, you can just extend it
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