Luraco i7 Medical Massage Chair CREAM

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Luraco Technologies introduces the 7th generation of iRobotics, the first and only medical massage chair that is:

•Researched, developed, and assembled in USA.
•Run on a powerful operating system (Linux).
•Handheld smart touch screen remote (same platform as in Smartphone) -patent pending.
•Unique features of up to 5 personal user memory settings so the whole family can enjoy.
•Multi-Sectional intensity controls – patent pending.
•Integrated Health monitoring features to measure Blood Pressure and Heart Rates (optional) – patent pending.
•Human voice response system.
•User height recommendations of 47" to 67" and weight up to 300 pounds.
•FDA, CE, and UL listed. Relax and enjoy an accurate automatic body shape detection which prepares you for the most advanced 3D robotic massage system that provides outstanding lower back and neck massage techniques.

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