STIGA Classic Recreational-Quality 4-Player Table Tennis Set

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Start a match with this table tennis set from STIGA. The Classic 4 Player Sets are perfect for the beginner player that wants to challenge their friends to a recreational game of table tennis.
This set offers classic,hardbat rackets, and 1-star regulation size balls. STIGA Classic Sets are approved by USA Table Tennis (USATT) and are the perfect accessory starter kit for your STIGA Table Tennis Table.

Recreational Quality Set for Family Play
Four Hardbat Rackets and Three 1-Star White Balls
Rackets- Straight Handle, 5-ply Blade, and Surface Pips Out
Performance Ratings- Speed: 24, Spin: 28, Control: 48
STIGA 1-Star Balls are Regulation Size (40mm)
Get everything you need to play with the Stiga Classic 4 Player Set

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