Vox Mini Refrigerator Cooler And Warmer For Car

Get Upto 25% Discount On Vox Mini Cooler At Flipkart.com. Living as a bachelor, one is bound to throw many house parties. With this mini refrigerator, one can chill beer cans or warm up food so all the essentials of an epic party are covered. Thanks to its compact design and versatility, one can also use it in the car or when he is visiting a park. Brushless motors, in contrast to brushed motors, have fewer parts that need to be replaced due to wear and tear. These motors also create less noise. Thanks to a brushless motor, this mini refrigerators life is improved and it wont disturb one with annoying sounds when one is taking a relaxing drive. It consumes about half a unit of power to operate a whole day. So, one can save on the electricity bill while cooling the favorite drinks. This fridges interior is made of aluminium which is great at conducting heat.
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