White Ice Cream Maker Fruit Scoop

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Make scrumptious, healthy frozen desserts from just 100% fresh fruit with the Cuisinart Fruit Scoop(TM) Frozen Dessert Maker!
The unique paddle crushes and freezes chunks of fresh, ripe fruit to create one and a half quarts
of delicious frozen fruit treats – from chunky textured to creamy smooth.
A second paddle easily turns the unit into a genuine Cuisinart Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt maker.
Add your favorite fruit, ice cream, yogurt mixtures, and flavorings using the large spout on top to
create endless varieties of frozen desserts and drinks in 18 to 25 minutes.
Healthy, nondairy, fresh and fruity to totally rich, creamy, and decadent, this dessert maker does it all
and you get to control the ingredients.

- Color: white
- 8.62" x 8.62" x 12.62"
- Imported

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